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The Tree of Enthusiasm

Last week we started back at our Wednesday classes with the Atlanta Homeschool Cooperative. Haden has been doing awesome and I have been keeping my distance from him during class time so that he gets more out of them and doesn’t use me as a crutch. It has been working out well. So much so, that today he spent some time outside on the back deck writing letters in chalk and trying to teach Addison how to write too. SO cute.
My yoga class has gone really well. Each class is themed with a character trait and is interwoven with nature facts and yoga poses. It has been a lot of fun really. Last week we did Compassion and today was Enthusiasm. Each trait has its own tree, hence the blog title. 🙂 I am pretty excited about next week because we are doing Uniqueness and I have decided to take inspiration from the Lady Gaga episode of Glee. 😉 The key point of next week is to send the message home that being different is a good thing. There is no right or wrong way to be and that we should be proud of those qualities in ourselves that make us unique.
So I will be wearing a sign on my t-shirt next week, proudly portraying something about myself that makes me different. Then I will let any of the kids in class that want to, choose something to put on their shirts. I am undecided on what to put on mine. There are so many options! LOL I don’t know weather to go with a physical attribution or a personality trait.  So far I have considered…. pointy nose, nail bitter,  big feet, quirky, compulsive tidier… I need more ideas. Anyone have any suggestions?
Things have been very low stress and happier at my house lately. Thank goodness. I think we have officially started down the right path and I am starting to find a way to prioritize in a way that makes everyone happy. It is time to slow down and enjoy life more!
Michael has been taking sleeping pictures recently. He snapped this one last week. So sweet seeing them snuggled together.
Then this one last night. Yes, that is my boob she is holding in her sleep. Goodness knows she wouldn’t want it to get too far away from her. 😛
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