"This trick is like no other…"

Last night I taught the first class of a Preparing For Your Birth class through Baby Steps and it was such a good time. I have been working really hard over the past month on implementing new ideas and making teaching aids that were inspired by the amazing weekend I spent at Passion for Birth. The workshop opened my mind to teaching in a different way and after actually using some of the things I learned tonight for the first time, I feel like it was a much more conscious way of teaching. The class flowed better. Breaks came at just the right time. I did a better job of chunking the information and changing pace up enough to try and avoid the set in of boredom. I am incredibly pleased with the way it all went.

One of the things I tried this class was making the environment more visually stimulating. Having things out for them to see or look at that might make them feel excited about attending a class.

The signs on the wall are our “Questions of the Day”. They are questions that provoke students to think. Not questions I want them to answer to me but for themselves.
The table includes our snacks for the class. All healthy. This was to emphasis my speak on eating well during pregnancy and to take good care of yourself. In class we say to make sure you get in your healthy calories before you “splurge”. So as a surprise about 30 minutes before class was up I surprised everyone with brownies, since we had already gotten in our “healthy” calories. 😉 I think it worked out well as a good “artichoke”. That is what they call something that you just throw in that surprises and excites people. Thanks to my Boobie for baking them!
There is also a very funny book called Safe Baby Tips for Pregnancy, that is quite hilarious. I encouraged everyone to check it out during our breaks and it was really nice to hear them reading them and laughing over it. I also laid out helpful brochures for people to take and a positive birth quote sign.
In the main area where were sitting. I arranged some of my main teaching aids on the table (baby, pelvis, uterus and placenta). Laid out the handouts packets for the class and the dilation name tags and pens so everyone could make their own name tag. Those name tags are representative of 6, 8 and 10 cm dilation. 🙂

Another thing that I tried out was the Kegel Song. I recently downloaded the mp3 of it for a couple dollars. Ann Tumblin had played it for us at the Seminar and I thought it was hilarious! That is my sense of humor for ya. 😉 So when doing exercises and talking about kegels, I played it on for them. It really has quite the catchy beat and lots funny lyrics. It is kinda on the long side and I only played it for a about a minute. The lyrics for the part I played….

There’s an exercise that every woman needs
It’s called the Kegel, the pelvic squeeze
Its great at any age
Lets make it all the rage
It’s good for you, it’s fun and it’s a breeze 

You can do it in the bank or on the bus
You can do it with the minimum of fuss
Find the muscle you’d locate
When you don’t want to urinate
And squeeze, squeeze, squeeze …… and relax

Do the kegel , the pelvic squeeze
Come on with me ladies and kegel please
You’ll adore your pelvic floor
When you squeeze, squeeze, squeeze … and relax 

You can kegel when you’re talking on the phone
We can kegel together or alone
But when you’re with your lover
This trick is like no other
It’s guaranteed to make your honey moan

Good stuff! SO I just had to share my excitement. I was a little anxious before class, just putting too much pressure on myself to try and be more engaging and thought-provoking and afraid that it wouldn’t go the way I hoped. It required a lot more work to prepare for class this time but my hope is that as I implement everything in and get more used to these things being my routine it won’t seem so time consuming. I also had to get to class 30 minutes earlier than I would have used to, so I could set everything up. Now I want to go to the store and get some things I need for next week’s class. 😉

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  1. So glad you found ideas to jazz up your class and make it fun for you and your participants. My suggestion is to get a folder/bag/box and put all of your class 1 stuff in it. Then it will be easier for you when you teach class 1 again. But this series will be very intensive preparation-wise but it will pay off in the long run. I'm proud of your efforts! Ann


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