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I can’t seem to pick just one topic to talk about tonight so be prepared for me to be ALL over the place. 😉 Like that is unusual…..
As I blog, I am drinking a carmel macchiato gifted to me by Michael (among other things…) and patiently awaiting my second try at vegan brownies to get done. Who knows if they would be edible. I do however think that just about anything would be an improvement over the brownies that I made last night. Bleh. The whole pan went in the trash. Sometimes this exploration into vegan meal planning, shopping and cooking irritates the crap out of me but on the flip side it is kinda fun finding my way through something new.
This week has been absolutely fabulous, on all counts but the beautiful weather definitely helps. My moods are so sensitive to dreary weather. I will be sad to see the winter and I am sure it will be here before I know it. Time seems to go by so fast now.
I feel like I am starting to reach a good place with Haden, in our relationship and in his schooling. It seems that after roughly a month of de-schooling, he is starting to show more interest in learning! Thank goodness. There was a small part inside of me that worried that maybe I had broken him with my mania. I think 5 will be a good age for us. I have recently noticed the interesting quality that our conversations are taking on and I love it.
Addison is just as mischievous as ever but is starting to listen a wee bit better and therefore is a bit easier to manage. She talks all the time now, although I am sure most of it wouldn’t be understandable to people that aren’t around her a lot. I love the way she say “shoes”.  Adorable. She also officially calls me Mama when she wants my attention, instead of just yelling at me. 😛 She likes to take off her diaper every chance she gets so I have started letting her run around naked. She loves to play outside but I think what she loves most is her brother, which I think is the sweetest thing EVER.
I haven’t been teaching recently and I have no immediate plans to teach anytime soon. Probably not until the beginning of 2012. I am in a little funk where I don’t much feel like teaching and without the passion behind it, I don’t think it would be good for me to have students right now. All the thought I have put recently into my priorities and where I want them to lie, has left me feeling more estranged from the “birthy” world. I have spent the past 4 years, completely consumed with birth and looking back I feel a little sad knowing that at times my family has definitely taken a backseat to my career. At least by my standards.
Live and learn. I am trying hard not to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. I will say that the changes I have made, have gone a long way to making my life feel less overwhelming. In the long run, that was what I REALLY needed. I don’t see myself back tracking. 😉
See! Naked! 😛 We are experimenting with making our own compost and the kids were helping mix it up. This was some post composting dirt digging fun.
Brownie UPDATE! Brownies = Success! Woot!
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