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Wiggle Worm

Last night I had a Childbirth Educators Mentorship Meeting to attend for Georgia Birth Network. It ended up being a very small gathering, that I would have enjoyed more if Addison hadn’t been with me. Usually I am totally fine with taking her places because she is such an easy baby and she is so funny to be around. Always smiling and talking. Last night though, she about killed me with the way she squirmed and wiggled. In the end I was really wishing I had brought a blanket so I could have just laid her in the floor to play. I don’t know how much the Thai restaurant would have liked that but oh freakin’ well. The service was poor anyways!

Next week I have a Girl’s Night Out! Woot! We are going to the Melting Pot in Kennesaw. So yummy! Who doesn’t love fondue? If you don’t… you are weird. 😉 But now I am semi- dreading it because of the wiggle worm. I think her teething is adding to it but she is just growing up. She doesn’t want to be held anymore. She wants to be on the move. I am thinking I am going to bring her bumbo seat with me and let her sit in the booth and give her a pile of toys on the table and hopefully she will be ok? Hopefully.

Not having the world’s best day today but I am hoping to turn it around. Haden has gone to his granny’s house, which would be great if he hadn’t spent the whole morning and early afternoon laying around whining and asking when she was gonna get here to pick him up. I think I am going to have to stop telling him when she is coming and he can just be surprised. It is an issue every week. He doesn’t want to do anything with me. Just wants to stare out the window and wait for her.

I am almost done with my grocery list for tonight so that we can hit the Kroger. We are so in need of some food. 🙁 My fridge and pantry look so sad. Trying out some new stuff this week. So exciting cause I really love to eat. And me and Haden have big plans for learning about Denmark and making Smorrebrod, which are open sandwiches that are popular there. Of course, I will take pictures and blog about it!

I guess I will go finish ordering some brochures from the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services & getting some work done for my ALACE certification. That is the game plan anyways.

Big Day tomorrow… Imagine It!

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  1. Adrienne's really into toys these days. She doesn't mind laying down if she's got something to chew on with her.
    Jake's the same way when I tell him his Maws is coming to get him. It usually takes her forever to get here and he just stares at the window and waits.


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