Published Works


"History and Hate," Unlost Journal

"When Leather is Wielded by a 250 lb. Man," "We are Trees," and "Complacency/Complicity," Refresh Magazine (Poetry)

"beginnings are tumultuous" and "With a Roar," Humankind Zine, Rebirth & Renewal Issue

"i feel grateful," Nissi Sing (YouTube Feature)

"Melt Into," "How Beautifully Done," and "If," Refresh Magazine (Art)

"Wrought," The Raven Review 

"Roots" and "the kitten in my chest," Humankind Zine, Take Root Issue

"reflecting back," Stillpoint Literary Magazine

Print & Online

Cover Art Collaboration with Phoebe Nerem, Issue Four: Duality, Humandkind Zine - (Coming Soon!)

"A Thicket," Dreamers Creative Writing Magazine

"An Invitation to Eat You" and "currency," Stillpoint Literary Magazine

"care/free," Analogies and Allegories Literary Magazine

"Being - Mother,"  Memoir Project, Brooklyn Art Library - Call number 440.03-04 (Digital Copy Coming Soon)


"Into a Pile," Tiny Spoon Literary Magazine, Issue 9 Cut/ Copy/ Paste: The Remix

"dream state," Tiny Spoon Literary Magazine, Issue 8 Cut/ Copy/ Paste: the original (Release Reading: YouTube Feature)

"The Writing on the Walls," The Spring City Journal 

"unbroken things," Pile Press 

"Cake," RiotGrrl Press (Slutcake)

"A Scrapbook of the 90s," RiotGrrl Press (Skurt Cobain)

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